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Creating a New Friends List

It’s important to remember that an individual friends list is just a subset of your overall list of friends. You can create any number of these smaller, more focused friends lists, based on any criteria you devise.

To create a new friends list, go to Facebook’s Home page and locate the Lists section in the left sidebar. Lists you’ve already created (or Facebook has created for you) are listed here. Click the More link to display Facebook’s Lists page.

Click the Create a List button at the top of the Lists page. When the Create a List dialog box appears, enter a name for this list then click the Create List button (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Creating a new friends list.

Facebook now displays the page for this new list. At this point you can add friends to the list, as described next.

Adding Friends to a List

There are two ways to add friends to any Facebook friends list. The easiest way is from that list’s page, which you see when you first create the list—or when you click the name of the list on the lists page, or from the Lists section of your Facebook Home page.

Once you’ve displayed the page for a given list, you see a list of suggested friends in the right column. To add one of these folks to the list, click the Add button.

You don’t have to accept only Facebook’s suggestions, however. To add other friends to this list, enter their names into the Add Friends to This List box at the top right of the page. Matching friends will appear in the drop-down list; click a friend to add him or her to your list.

You can also add a friend to a list from that friend’s profile page. Just open the friend’s profile page and hover over the Friends button. This displays a pop-up menu of all your lists (not your friend’s friends lists); check those lists you want this friend in (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Adding a friend to a list from his profile page.

Note that you can add a friend to more than one list. So a close friend you work with could be on a Work list as well as a Close Friends list; the lists are not mutually exclusive.

Removing Friends from a List

Your friends lists don’t have to be static. If you find you’re no longer close friends with an individual, or just don’t want a person reading posts to a given group of people, you can remove that person from a given friends list.

To remove a person from a list, go to the list page, click the Manage List button, and select Add/Remove Friends. When the next dialog box appears, find the friend you want to delete and click that person’s thumbnail to remove the check box (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 Managing a friends list.

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