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From the author of Displaying More—or Fewer—Updates from a Friend

Displaying More—or Fewer—Updates from a Friend

When you “friend” someone on Facebook, you essentially subscribe to their posts. (To that end, Facebook now displays a Subscribe button on everybody’s profile page.) You can, however, change the level of your subscriptions—and the number and types of updates you see from a friend.

In respect to your Facebook friends, there are three levels of subscription—you can view All Updates, Most Updates, or Only Important updates. The differences between these three levels are subtle, but the default Most Updates works well for most people.

If you prefer to view more updates from a given person—pretty much everything they post—then hover over one of this person’s posts to display the down arrow to the right of the update. Click this down arrow and select All Updates from the pop-up menu. If you don’t want to see quite as much from this individual, click that same down arrow and select Important Updates, instead.

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