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From the author of Understanding the Ticker

Understanding the Ticker

Note that the News Feed, as Facebook recently changed it, does not display all the activity from all your friends. It mainly focuses on the important stuff (status updates, photo uploads) and drops the less-important activities (comments on articles, liking new friends, etc.). If you want to see everything that everyone is doing, you need to take advantage of Facebook’s new Ticker (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Facebook’s Ticker—with the selected story expanded for viewing.

The Ticker is a real-time listing of all your friends’ activities. It’s located in the upper-right corner of the Home page, just to the side of the News Feed. Stories in the Ticker scroll down as new stories appear; you can use the scroll bar in the Ticker to view older activities.

The items that appear in the Ticker are by nature truncated. To view a complete item, hover over it to display a pop-up story pane. You can then comment on or like an item, as well as read others’ comments.

Remember, the Ticker is constantly being updated with new items. Items quickly scroll down and off the Ticker, so you have to be quick to catch what’s happening. In this respect, Facebook’s Ticker is just like a traditional news or stock ticker—even if it repeats much of the same information that you see in the News Feed.

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