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Performance Summary for Document-literal Web Service with Low Payload

  • Payload size: Low (2KB)

  • Ramp up: 25 users per minute

  • Iteration pacing: 120 seconds

  • Total test duration: 45 minutes

Figure 2 shows response time versus number of virtual users for this test.

Figure 2Figure 2 Performance summary for document-literal web service with low payload.

The following table shows the results of each measurement.



Number of users at 25% CPU utilization


Total transactions failed


Average response time

0.228 seconds

Like RPC-style services, document-literal web services perform very well under small payloads. The roundtrip infrastructure overhead is about 200 milliseconds. We could ramp up the simultaneous users all the way up to 900 users and still kept CPU utilization under 25%. Most importantly, we had no failed transactions. RPC-style services graphs were very similar with an even smaller overhead of about 150 milliseconds for the transactions.

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