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Performance Summary for RPC-Style Web Service Exchange

  • Payload size: Medium (50KB)

Figure 1 shows response time versus number of virtual users for this test.

Figure 1Figure 1 Performance summary for RPC-style web service exchange with a medium payload.

The following table shows the results of each measurement.



Total transactions passed


Total transactions failed


Average response time

11.224 seconds

Summary of Results

RPC-style services work very well for low payloads (graph not shown), but soon reached scalability issues with even a moderate payload of 50KB per transaction. Ignoring the startup error reading, we still see roundtrip time between 6–10 seconds for just 8–15 simultaneous users (not even concurrent users). This incredible overhead is even poorer if we observe the failed transactions that the client application received: 40%. Clearly these were unacceptable numbers for an infrastructure layer, which adds on to the business module processing time. No further testing was done for high payloads with RPC-style services.

We've analyzed the reasons for this poor performance at the end of all our test results, later in this article.

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