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Moving Photos from Your iPod touch to a Computer

As you use your iPod touch to take photos or screenshots, you’re going to want to move some of the photos you capture to your computer. How you do this depends on the kind of computer and photo application you use.

Moving Photos from an iPod touch to a Windows PC

How you move photos from an iPod touch to a Windows PC depends on the specific application you use to manage your digital photos. Most applications designed to import photos from a digital camera should also work with your iPod touch. One example is Adobe Photoshop Elements.

  1. Connect your iPod touch to the computer. If new photos are detected, the Apple iPod touch dialog appears.
  2. Select Organize and Edit using Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer.
  3. Check the Always do this for this device check box. The Photoshop Elements Photo Downloader appears.

  4. To create subfolders for each photo session on iPod touch, open the Create Subfolders menu and choose how you want to name the subfolders.

  5. If you want to rename the files, use the Rename Files menu.
  6. Use the Delete Options menu to determine what happens to the photos on the iPod touch after they are imported. The best option is After Copying, Verify and Delete Originals because it frees up space on the iPod touch while ensuring the photos have been imported successfully.
  7. Click Get Media. Photos move from the iPod touch into Photoshop Elements, and the application opens.

  8. Use Photoshop Elements to work with the photos you imported.

Moving Photos from an iPod touch to a Mac

The iPod touch is designed to move its photos into your iPhoto Library easily.

  1. Connect your iPod touch to a Mac. If there are photos or videos on your iPod touch, iPhoto opens automatically and moves into Import mode. The iPod touch is selected as the import source.
  2. Enter an event name for the photos you want to import in the Event Name field.
  3. Click Import X, where X is the number of new photos. Photos and videos are copied from the iPod touch into iPhoto.

  4. Click Delete Photos (or Media if you’ve also imported video) if you want to delete the photos and videos from the iPod touch or Keep Photos if you want them to remain on the iPod touch.

  5. Use iPhoto to work with the photos and videos you imported from iPod touch.
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