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Working with Photos

Once you have photos on your iPod touch, there are a lot of things you can do with them, including:

  • Emailing one or more photos.
  • Sending a photo via a text message.
  • Assigning photos to contacts.
  • Using photos as wallpaper.
  • Sending photos via tweets.
  • Printing photos.
  • Organizing photos in albums.

You’ll easily be able to accomplish any actions not covered in detail on your own once you’ve performed a couple of those that are demonstrated in the following tasks.

Emailing Multiple Photos

You can email photos via iPod touch’s Mail application starting from the Photos app.

  1. Browse the source of photos you want to send in an email.
  2. Tap the Action button.

  3. Select the photos you want to send by tapping them.
  4. Tap Share.

  5. Tap Email. A new email message is created, and the photos are added as attachments. (In some cases, you are prompted to select the size of the photos to send. If this happens, tap the size you want the user to receive. Higher resolution photos are better, but are also larger files. If the recipient has a low bandwidth connection, choose a low resolution version of the photo.)

  6. Use the email tools to address the email, add a subject, type the body, and send it. (See Chapter 9, “Emailing,” for detailed information about using your iPod touch’s email tools.) After you send the email, you move back to the photos you were browsing.

Assigning a Photo to a Contact

You can assign photos on your iPod touch to your contacts. When you assign a photo to a contact, you see that photo when the contact calls you, when you receive email from the contact, and so on. You can assign any photo to a contact, but you get the best results when you use a photo that you’ve taken with iPod touch because it will scale to full screen when the person calls you; other kinds of photos may appear as thumbnails instead.

  1. Take the photo you want to assign to a contact. If the photo you want to use already exists on iPod touch, skip this step.
  2. View the photo you want to associate with a contact.
  3. Tap the Action button.

  4. Tap Assign to Contact. (For more information on working with contacts, see Chapter 8, “Managing Contacts.”)

  5. Find and tap the contact with which you want to associate the photo.

  6. Drag and pinch or unpinch the image until the part you want to add to the contact shows on the screen the way you want to see it.
  7. Tap Set Photo. The photo is saved to the contact; when iPod touch interacts with that contact the photo is displayed on iPod touch’s screen. You return to the photo.

Using Photos as Wallpaper

Your iPod touch’s wallpaper appears when you wake it up but before you unlock it and as the background for your Home screens. You can use any photo stored on your iPod touch to customize your wallpaper in either location.

  1. View the photo you want to use as wallpaper.
  2. Tap the Action button.

  3. Tap Use as Wallpaper.

  4. Drag and pinch or unpinch the image until the part you want to use as wallpaper shows on the screen the way you want to see it.
  5. Tap Set.

  6. Tap the location to which you want to apply the custom wallpaper.
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