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Using the Start Screen

The Windows 8 Start screen is colorful, fast, and fluid. In fact, Steve Sinofsky, Microsoft President of Windows and Windows Live, described it at BUILD like this: "It's fast, it's fluid, it's snappy, it's immersive, it's alive."

Some of the panels in the Windows 8 Start screen are called live tiles, so named because they update with new information every so often. For example, the Tweet@rama tile posts new tweets from people and organizations you follow on Twitter. Likewise, Socialite, a new Windows 8 social media app that combines updates and information from your favorite social media sites, rotates through the profile images of people you've "friended" on the various sites (see Figure 1). Your local weather also updates to give you the current weather conditions in your city.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Live tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen keep you in touch with updating information.

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