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KMDF Components

KMDF is distributed as part of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) and consists of header files, libraries, sample drivers, development tools, public debugging symbols, and tracing format files. By default, KMDF is installed in the WDF subdirectory of the WDK root installation directory. KMDF-based drivers are built in the WDK build environment. Table 2 lists the KMDF components that are installed as part of WDF.

Table 2 KMDF Component Names




Header files


Header files required to build KMDF drivers



Libraries for x86, x64, and Intel Itanium architectures

Sample drivers


Sample drivers for numerous device types; most are ported from Windows Driver Development Kit(DDK) WDM samples



Tools for testing, debugging, and installing drivers, including the redistributable KMDF co-installer, WdfConinstallernn.dll

Debugging symbols


Public symbol database (.pdb) files for KMDF libraries and co-installer for checked and free builds

Tracing format files


Trace format files for the trace messages generated by KMDF libraries and co-installer

To aid in debugging, KMDF is distributed with free and checked builds of the runtime libraries and loader, along with corresponding symbols. However, Microsoft doesn't provide a checked version of the redistributable co-installer itself.

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