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Hack This: Milkymist VJ Console Hackerspace Project

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After years of using ordinary PCs for interactive VJing, the team at Paris hackerspace /tmp/lab decided to build their own, creating Milkymist, a custom board that generates visualizations based on sensor input and musical rhythms.
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Space Details

“Rent is hard in Paris, expensive,” co-founder Sébastien Bourdeauducq described. “We got an offer from an artist collective to have an artist space outside of Paris in the industrial suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine. The building owner temporarily gave us the space for no rent.” The space’s name comes from the temporary nature of this arrangement.

“The goal was to provide an infrastructure first,” Bourdeauducq explained, “and let 1,000 beautiful projects blossom in this fertile environment: open Source, hardware, cultural and artistic events, activism, etc. We wanted everyone to see the /tmp/lab and say ‘Oh...it’s simple, let’s build one with my friends in my town.’”

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