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Optimizing for Facebook’s Internal Search Engine

You want your main Facebook page to show up when people are searching for it. How can you control this? The following sections will show you how.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page Name

Make sure your page name is what people will be looking for. If you need to change your page name after it’s created, you’ll have to contact Facebook and ask. It doesn’t always respond, so it’s better to get this right the first time. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to see how the majority of people search for you. There’s no such tool for Facebook, so we’ll have to assume that’s how they look for you normally.

There may be perception issues when people refer to you differently than your brand does. For example, most people refer to The Home Depot as “Home Depot,” and as you can see in Figure 1, typing “Home Depot” does not bring up the main page in the drop-down.

Figure 1

Figure 1

But when you type “the home depot”, it does show (see Figure 2)

The correct page does show up if you click on the magnifying glass to search. But keep in mind that from a usability perspective, people may just choose from the drop-down, or they might press Return instead, which takes them to the first search result. In this case, for “home depot” that’s not the main page.

Showing Up Higher by Getting More Fans

If your page name is similar to your competitors’ names, you can win the battle to show up first by getting more fans than them.

Place Pages

Back to The Home Depot example, a lot of place pages for its local stores show up in the results. If you have a lot of locations or franchisees, Facebook can help you organize these places into a Locations tab for your main page (see Figure 3). You can either work with your Facebook rep, or if you don’t have one, use this form to contact them.

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