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Learning iPad Programming: Provisioning Your iPad

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Before you ship the next killer app you must test your app on an iPad. Using the iPad simulator to test and debug your application will only get you so far. That’s why it’s important to always test your app on the real thing. But before your app will run on a real device, you must setup your iPad as a development device. This is where provisioning comes in, and that’s exactly what you will do in this chapter. Provision your iPad for development purposes.
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The steps involved in provisioning are tedious. Fortunately you do not repeat the steps often, only a few times a year. And Apple is continuously improving the provisioning process. Provisioning a device today using Xcode is easy peasy compared to what one had to do back in the day...the dark days of 2008.

About the iOS Provisioning Portal

The iOS Provisioning Portal is the web site, shown in Figure 6.1, you used to request and download certificates, registered device IDs, create App IDs, and create and download provision profiles. The web site and all its features are not available to everyone. You have access to the portal if you are one of the following:

  • An individual registered as a paid member of the iOS Developer Program. You can be registered as an individual or company.
  • An individual registered as a team member for a company that is a paid member of the iOS Developer Program. Depending on your team member role, your access to the Provisioning Portal maybe limited. There is no cost to the individual be a team member, and a team member has access to all the same developer resources that a paid member has, courtesy of the paid company membership.

If you are not a paid member or a team member of a company then you will not have access to the iOS Provisioning Portal. Without access, you will not be able to provision your device.

Figure 1 (Click to Enlarge) iOS Provisioning Portal home page.

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