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The Official Ubuntu Book, 6th Edition: Introducing Ubuntu One

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This chapter introduces you to Ubuntu One, a cloud storage solution created and managed by Canonical.
This chapter is from the book

Chapter 11. Introducing Ubuntu One

  • What Can I Do with Ubuntu One?
  • How Much Does Ubuntu One Cost?
  • How Do I Begin?
  • Syncing Files
  • Syncing Contacts
  • Syncing Notes
  • Syncing Bookmarks
  • Special Features of Ubuntu One Mobile
  • Summary

Ubuntu one is cloud storage that integrates perfectly into your Ubuntu desktop. Both the cloud storage and the desktop client were created and are maintained by Canonical. Canonical also runs the Ubuntu One service. Users sign up for an account and may then sync files between their computer and a server on the internet. From there, files may be accessed by other computers with an Ubuntu One client installed, via a web browser, or using a paid mobile phone service.

What Can I Do with Ubuntu One?

Ubuntu One works as a remote folder into which you can place files and other folders. That is convenient and useful because these may then be accessed from other systems easily. However, other cloud storage services do this, so this is not what makes Ubuntu One unique.

In addition to files, you can set Ubuntu One to synchronize your contacts, notes made with Tomboy, and your Firefox bookmarks. Not only this, but your Ubuntu One account can be used via Banshee Music Player and other Linux media players like Rhythmbox to purchase and legally download music from well known artists and groups. When you purchase music, it is automatically placed in your Ubuntu One account, so it may then be accessed from any location. Ubuntu One Mobile allows you to stream this music to your Android or iOS4 phone.

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