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The Steady Win—Base Hits

The next category of iPhone/iPad apps is the Steady Win, also known as base hit apps. This category may be overlooked by some app developers who focus solely on the Big Win. The majority of new iPhone/iPad apps land in this category even if the developer has intentions of his app making it into the Big Win group. These apps rely on app reviews, positive blog posts, advertising, and making it onto the App Store's "wall of fame" where the app is placed in the "New and Noteworthy" or "Staff Picks" or "What's Hot" sections for a short period of time. These placements are definitely helpful and will boost sales noticeably while you remain on that list.

These apps also rely on good, old-fashioned, consistent marketing. The revenue with this type of app can be more predictable when the seller understands what marketing activities work for him. With a well written app, the right marketing mix, and product updates, this type of app can achieve success on the App Store. It may not be multimillion dollar success, but it can be decent. It may be enough to compel you to write multiple apps, build a brand, and truly make a business out of your efforts.

Some apps that have achieved solid success that are not necessarily iPhone games are shown in Figure 1.11 and Figure 1.12. These apps have been achieving a steady revenue stream for their developers albeit not millionaire levels. They have strong value propositions, and their products resonate with their intended audience. These apps are focused on finance, saving money, getting healthy, travel, and other topics that interest almost everyone.

Figure 1.11

Figure 1.11 Save Benjis is an app that allows you to do price comparisons. They also offer an upsell to their product, a newer app with the popular barcode scanner feature.

Figure 1.12

Figure 1.12 MLB.Com is a long-time selling app that provides immediate access to scores, stats, video highlights, and live audio.

Given that most apps fall into the category of Steady Win, the bulk of this book is focused on helping you achieve ongoing success through a complete marketing approach. Although with this revision we have learned considerably more about the Big Win apps and will share these tips with you throughout the book. Utility type apps (almost anything that isn't a game) generally command a higher selling price and can have more predictable revenue streams. Independent developers will most likely be playing in this category whether they realize it or not.

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