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The Whole Social Media World's a Stage

These brief introductions hopefully encourage you to read on and discover more; after all, they are testimony to the breadth of expertise you'll find within this book. All of the featured entrepreneurs have built an exceptionally effective online presence through recognizing and promoting their individual passions and talents. They quickly learned the value of spreading their message by word of mouse rather than word of mouth. As a result of their dedication to self-promotion through social media, their success seems certain to continue to grow. They view social media as a global stage to be performed on daily and see their followers as an audience with whom they can interact and share. You need to adopt this vision, too, if you are to conquer social media and become its next big success story.

Perhaps the best way to paint a picture of the global media stage is to show it as a series of multilevel performance platforms. These platforms represent different aspects of social media, and each has its part to play in creating your business or brand persona.

In Part II, "Social Media Networking Basics," we introduce each of the platforms so that you can determine which is best for your brand.

Whether you decide to start with just one platform or to jump onto all of them at once, remember to take your dreams with you on the journey; allow yourself to virtually "strut your stuff" by embracing your passions and becoming an expert on the subjects that interest you most. Share and connect with others in a way that reflects your brand personality and lets it truly shine.

Your journey starts now, so fasten your seat belt and read on.

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