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Use Your iPad to Help You Find a New Job

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  1. Join LinkedIn and Start Networking
  2. Find Job Postings and Read Help Wanted Ads
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The economy is in tough shape, and finding a new job for most people has become a difficult process. As you kick off your job search efforts, your iPad 2 can help you accomplish job search tasks from wherever you happen to be, so you don't have to remain glued to a computer screen at your desk. Jason Rich shows you that it can also be used to connect to online social networking services, such as LinkedIn, to help you network with perspective employers and other people in your field.
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So the U.S. economy is in tough shape. People are being laid off in droves due to outsourcing, downsizing, and cost-cutting. Thus, finding a new job for most people has become a rather intimidating, time-consuming, and difficult process.

Most career counselors and human resources specialists agree that the key to finding a new job is to network, be a bit creative, and to take a pro-active approach to the process.

Just because you may be a well-qualified applicant for a job, it's still all too easy to get lost in a sea of other applicants who also responded to that same Help Wanted ad or job opening announcement. More often than not, finding a new job opportunity will be easier if you rely on networking (both online and in the real world) as opposed to simply sending in a resume in response to a job opening announcement or ad.

You've probably discovered by now that your iPad 2 is a powerful tool with many capabilities and functions. As you kick off your job search efforts, your tablet can help you accomplish job search–related tasks from wherever you happen to be, so you don't have to remain virtually glued to a computer screen at your desk. It can also be used to connect to online social networking services, such as LinkedIn, to help you network with perspective employers and other people in your field.

Two personal traits that virtually all employers look for are strong organizational and time management skills. Your iPad 2 can help you master both of these traits and harness them to help you find and land a new job.

The following are just some of the ways you can use your iPad 2 as part of your job search efforts:

  • Use Safari to visit company websites and seek out job openings, as well as peruse the Help Wanted ads published in major daily newspapers and industry-oriented publications that are available in digital format.
  • Utilize free, job search–specific apps available from the app store, such as Monster.com Jobs for iPad Beyond, Job Search from Indeed.com, Dice Job Search, Job Finder for iPad, and Job Search XL, to find and apply for job openings listed by employers who also utilize these services.
  • To find these apps and others like them, visit the App Store, and in the Search field, enter the phrase, "Job Search."

  • Use the free LinkedIn app (or the iPad–specific LinkPad Pro app, $4.99) to create and manage your LinkedIn account, which can be used to network online with people in your field or industry, as well as professionals who currently work for perspective employers.
  • These people might be able to tell you about not-yet-publicized job openings, make a personal introduction for you to the right people within their organization, or offer career advice (and possibly serve as your mentor).

  • Use a specialized resume-creation app such as Pocket Resume ($2.99), Resume Generator ($.99), Resume Writing ($2.99), My Resume ($3.99), Resume Rockstar ($3.99), or Resume Templates ($.99) to create a nicely formatted, visually appealing resume on your iPad 2, which can be printed, emailed, or uploaded to an employer's website.
  • Use the Classic Resume and Classic Letter templates built into the Pages word processing app ($9.99) to create eye-catching and professional-looking resumes and cover letters, which you can print, email, or post online.
  • Manage contacts within the Contacts app relating to people you submit resumes to and potential employers.
  • Utilize the Calendar app (and/or the Reminders app if you're using iOS 5) to keep track of interview appointments, follow up on phone calls, and efficiently manage all other tasks associated with your ongoing job search efforts.
  • Use Safari once again to research perspective employers and the related company or industry news before a job interview. Being fully prepared for an interview will give you confidence, allow you to ask intelligent questions, and help set you apart from other applicants.
  • Use the Maps app to obtain detailed directions to your job interviews and help ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes early for each of them.
  • The Mail app can be used for sending and receiving emails, for sending cover letters and resumes, and for sending thank you emails after your interviews.

Join LinkedIn and Start Networking

More than 120 million business leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and small business operators worldwide are currently active on LinkedIn, which has become an extremely popular and fast-growing online social networking site. Unlike Facebook, however, the focus of LinkedIn is professional networking. It's also a valuable resource for finding job leads or seeking out career advice.

Like any online social networking site, LinkedIn can be joined for free and is accessible using any device that's connected to the Internet, including your iPad 2. You can access this service by visiting LinkedIn.com or by downloading the free (official) LinkedIn app from the App Store. This is a hybrid iPhone/iPad app. However, you can also utilize the LinkPad Pro app, developed by Sixpack Mobile Applications ($4.99), which is an iPad-specific app that gives you full access to the majority of LinkedIn's online-based features.

Using the free LinkedIn app on your iPad (that's connected to the web via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection), you can access industry-specific news headlines (using the app's LinkedIn Today feature) or you can find and reconnect with current or old business-related acquaintances using the app's Reconnect feature. You also have the ability to seek out new connections, participate in online forums, post your resume online, and request free advice from business leaders in a wide range of industries.

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