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How to Use the "Rule of Thirds" When Shooting

It's a common mistake for amateur photographers to hold their camera directly up to their subject, point it at the subject head-on, center the subject in the frame, and snap a photo. The result is always a generic-looking image, even if it's well-lit and in perfect focus.

Instead, as you look at the viewfinder screen to compose or frame your image, utilize the Rule of Thirds. This is a shooting strategy used by professional photographers, but it's very easy to take advantage of, and the results will be impressive.

Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid being superimposed on your camera's viewfinder. Or tap on the Options icon when shooting with the Camera app and turn on the Grid feature. The center box within the tic-tac-toe grid corresponds to the center of the image you're about to shoot as you look at the viewfinder screen.

Instead of framing your subject in this center box, reframe the image so your subject is positioned along one of the horizontal or vertical lines of the grid, or so that the main focal point of the image is positioned at one of the grid's intersection points.

Using the Rule of Thirds when framing your images will take a bit of practice, but if you use this shooting technique consistently and correctly, you'll discover that the quality of your images will vastly improve.

Of course, you also want to take lighting into account; as well as what's in the foreground, background, and to the sides of your main subject. And be sure to tap your creativity when choosing your shooting angle or perspective for each shot.

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