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Customize the Exports File

Customize the Exports File

The file Exports.def lists the library and function names that the DLL exports. To customize this file, replace the value in the LIBRARY statement with the name of the binary file that contains the DLL. For example:

   LIBRARY    “MyDevice.DLL”

Your driver must export the DLLGetClasObject function, so you can leave the EXPORTS area unchanged.

Customize the Sources File

The Sources file defines environment variables and settings that are required to build the driver. It is input to the generic makefile that is supplied with the sample. To create a makefile to build your own driver, you do not edit the generic makefile. Instead, you edit the Sources file.

To customize the Sources file:

  1. Change the TARGETNAME statement to include the name for your driver. For example:
  2.     TARGETNAME=MyDevice
  3. Change the Sources statement to include the source files for your driver. For example:
  4.     Sources=
               device.cpp                   \
  5. Change the NTTARGETFILES statement to include the INF files and other any other miscellaneous files for your driver. For example:
  6.          NTTARGETFILES=$(OBJ_PATH)\$(0)\UMDFSkeleton_Root.inf\$(OBJ_PATH)\$(0)\UNDFSkeleton_OSR.inf
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