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From the author of Using the Web Applications

Using the Web Applications

You can open the various Web Applications from the main page, or by clicking a drop-down menu from a selected shared document on the Team Site (see Figure 11).

Figure 11 With the drop-down menu for shared documents, you can choose to edit them locally or in the cloud.

The online apps such as PowerPoint are scaled down to work in the cloud, but you can add certain elements like pictures to a PowerPoint presentation, and save it directly online. All of the apps have basic features that can be accessed through a web browser, while the more advanced features require a download and upload from your desktop versions of Office (see Figures 12 and 13).

Figure 12 You can edit a PowerPoint presentation online…

Figure 13 And then save it directly within the browser.

With PowerPoint, you can also show the presentation within the browser (see Figure 14).

Figure 14 You can view an online PowerPoint presentation full-screen within the browser.

The main way to share documents such as presentations through Office 365 is by collaborating with team members whom you add as users through the Admin tab.

With the obvious collaboration features, online versions of the Office Suite can help in using team members in a variety of ways:

  • Word: A law firm could use document markup and revision.
  • Excel: A finance team could run simulations and scenarios.
  • PowerPoint: Sales and marketing could contribute to a proposal or presentation with a team of resources.

The only drawback to the Web Apps presently is the inability to share documents or show presentations directly by email to non-team members.

Even team members will also need to have Office 2010 on their desktop to open email linked files; if they access the Team Site through their Team identity, however, they can open the Web App versions and edit them directly online if they have permission to do so.

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