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From the author of Tagging a Friend's Face

Tagging a Friend's Face

Here's how Facebook's new face tagging works.

Start by uploading one or more digital photos from your profile page. After the pictures are uploaded, Facebook displays the Tag Your Friends page. Notice that each face in each picture is identified with a box around it.

Figure 1 Facebook identifies faces in photos and groups similar faces together.

Also notice that Facebook tries to group photos of the same person if it can. The nice thing about this is you can enter a single tag and it's applied to all the grouped photos; you don't have to tag each of these photos individually.

If Facebook recognizes a person in a photo or groups of photos, it suggests a tag for that person. Click the suggested tag to accept it or click the X to reject it.

To manually tag any photo or group of photos, start entering that person's name in the Who is This? box under the photo(s). Facebook will display a list of matching friends; click the appropriate name to tag the photo.

Figure 2 Tagging faces in photos

When you're done tagging recently uploaded photos, scroll to the bottom of the Tag Your Friends page and click the Save Tags button. Your photos will be tagged and your tagged friends will be notified that they've been tagged.

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