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Creating, Playing, and Sharing Playlists in Spotify

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Spotify is the popular new streaming music service that lets you listen to your music anywhere, on any device. Michael Miller shows you how to create a personalized Spotify playlist, how to play the music on your playlist, and how to share your playlist with other music lovers, including your friends on Facebook.
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When it comes to online music services, Spotify is the new kid on the block[md]but an extremely popular new kid. It has a lot to offer music lovers, not the least of which is access to more than 15 million tracks for a single low monthly subscription fee. (Or even free, if you go with the plan that limits you to 10 hours of access per month.)

Not only can you search for the specific tracks, artists, and genres you want to listen to; you can also create playlists consisting both of tracks on Spotify and music files stored on your computer's hard disk. You can then play back your playlists on your own computer, or on your smartphone or mobile device (with Spotify's Premium subscription plan); or share those playlists with friends and family, including your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Creating a Playlist

A playlist is a great way to listen to the music you like. It's really nothing more complex than an assemblage of individual tracks put together all in one place. Instead of playing each track individually, you play the entire playlist, which then proceeds from one track to another.

In Spotify, you can create playlists from the 15 million tracks available for streaming online, or from music you've already downloaded or ripped to your computer. Creating a playlist is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Here's how to create a new Spotify playlist:

  1. From within the Spotify application, click + New Playlist in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. The New Playlist field is highlighted.

  3. Enter a name for this playlist.
  4. Figure 1 Creating a new Spotify playlist

Your new playlist is now listed in the sidebar. You now have to add tracks to the playlist, as follows:

  1. Select a music location in the sidebar, or search for a specific track, album, artist, or genre.
  2. Click the track you wish to add; then drag and drop it on to the playlist in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can right-click the track and select Add To > Playlist.
  3. Figure 2 Adding a track to a playlist

That's it. You don't have to click any "save" buttons or do anything else. The tracks you add are automatically saved to the playlist.

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