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From the author of Checking Into Facebook Places

Checking Into Facebook Places

Finally, let's discuss Facebook Places. This is a feature that lets you tell your Facebook friends when you're at a specific location—and Facebook will do all the work for you.

To check into a given location, you must first have location services enabled on your iPhone. To do this, go to the iPhone's main screen (not a screen in the Facebook app) and tap Settings. When the Settings page appears, tap the Location Services item and then tap "on" the setting for Facebook.

Once location services are activated, you can check into Facebook Places by tapping the Check In button on the News Feed page. Facebook will then show you a list of nearby attractions; tap a location to display its screen and then tap the Check In button to check into that location.

Figure 15 Checking into a location

To view where all your friends are (or at least those checked into Facebook Places), tap the Menu button to display the application screen; then tap the Places icon. This displays a list of which friends are checked in where and when. Tap the Activity button to display this information in list format (default), or tap the Map button to view your friends' locations on a map.

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