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The Bottom Line

VBCommenter is a must-have tool for any serious developer. Of all the products I've tested to date, this one provides the most seamless operation. The developer has obviously tested the tool thoroughly, and the history demonstrates the developer's interest in creating a robust development tool. I appreciate the fact that I can change the keying sequence to match whatever I need to use for a particular company and that I can easily turn off the tool when I don't need it (which is seldom).

The current version of VBCommenter isn't a complete documentation tool. However, this is actually a very small flaw, considering that there are other tools you can use for this purpose. The fact that the files are compatible with the C# equivalent means that you have access to any documentation tools you already use with C#. In short, I'm looking forward to seeing this tool grow in features and functionality, and don't consider the current flaws much of a problem.

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