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creating and Using Smart Folders

A Smart folder is a self-updating folder that performs a search based on the search criteria you set and save in the Search dialog box. You can create a Smart folder by specifying a search in the Search dialog box and then saving it as a saved search. For example, if you set up a search for Last Opened and This week, and saved it as a Smart folder. In the Sidebar, you can click the Smart folder to perform the smart search, or Control-click it and click Show Search Criteria to edit it.

Create and Use a Smart Folder

  • yellow-circle-1.jpg Click the File menu, and then click New Smart Folder.
  • yellow-circle-2.jpg Use the Add (+) button to specify the search criteria you want to save as a Smart folder.
  • yellow-circle-3.jpg Click the Save button.
  • yellow-circle-4.jpg Type a name for the Smart folder.
  • yellow-circle-5.jpg Specify the location where you want to save the Smart folder.

    The default location is the Saved Searches folder.

  • yellow-circle-6.jpg Select or clear the Add To Sidebar check box to either add or not add the Smart folder to the sidebar.
  • yellow-circle-7.jpg Click Save.
  • yellow-circle-8.jpg To use a Smart folder, click the Smart folder icon on the Sidebar, or navigate to the Saved Searches folder, and then double-click it.
    • The Saved Searches folder is located in the Library folder, which is located in the Home folder.

Edit a Smart Folder

  • yellow-circle-1.jpg Navigate to the Smart folder you want to edit; you can click Smart folder in the Sidebar to select to display it.
  • yellow-circle-2.jpg Click the Action menu, and then click Show Search Criteria.
  • yellow-circle-3.jpg Change the search criteria you want to modify.
  • yellow-circle-4.jpg Click Save.
  • yellow-circle-5.jpg Click the Action menu, and then click Hide Search Criteria.
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