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How It Works

Figure 1 shows the opening screen of the utility. The four boxes in the middle are screen buttons corresponding to functions.

Figure 1Figure 1 Main menu.

Encode multiple files means just that. You can point the tool at a directory or directory tree and turn every mailto: URL on each page into an alphanumeric encoded URL (see Figure 2).

Figure 2Figure 2 Encode directory or entire site

If you have one page with a lot of mailtos or a few mailto URLs on lots of pages, you'll be very happy about having installed this utility.


Make a backup copy of the site HTML first, just as you should for any other global changes you make to the site. The utility makes one anyway, but better safe than sorry. Although I had no problems, "your mileage may vary."

Push the Add Directory / Add File buttons to get to the standard Open Folder/File prompts and click to add. Then hit the right Find & Encode e-mail buttons.

Figure 3Figure 3 Changed file display

The files are changed and ready to upload with all mailtos encoded.

Figure 4 shows how it looks on a browser.

Figure 4Figure 4 Browser view.

The mailto: link displays perfectly normally on a browser; the code looks like this:

<a href="mailto:&#97&#108&#105&#122&#97&#114&#100&#64&#101&#99&#105&#115&#46&#99&#111&#109">test</a>

Most scripts look for an @ character to identify an e-mail address character screen, which the preceding code fragment lacks.

Figure 5 shows the data entry form. The top field shows the title used by the link, which will be visible on the web page, an e-mail address, and the subject of any e-mail sent via link.

Figure 5Figure 5 Mailto: based on user input.

Fill in the fields, push the Generate Mailto: Code button, and see the encoded mailto:. The Copy button will get it to the Clipboard, paste the link to your web page. Figure 4 shows how a browser displays it.

Unchanged copies of each page processed will go to the backup file location. Include Sub-directories means that all files in the tree below the starting directory will also be changed to encoded mailto:format, a good idea (see Figure 6).

Figure 6Figure 6 Configuration.

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