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Protecting Your Email Address with an Anti-Spam Encoder

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Got a website? Got your e-mail address mailto: URL on it as a contact point? Did you know that one of your leading sources of spam is a spambot that finds your site and screen-scrapes the mailing address to be added to the mailing lists that spammers use to attack the public? The NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder is a simple utility for turning mailto: links on HTML pages from addresses harvestable via spambot to mailto links human-readable via web browser but not to simple spambot screenscrapers.
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You Don't Want Spambots Grabbing Your E-Mail Address?

One alternative is cgi forms that use server-side software to process contact forms. It's a good solution because the software containing your e-mail address is inaccessible to the spambot, but it's more trouble than I recommend for a personal site or a site that has lots of mailto: links.

Or you can transform your e-mail address into html "character entity references" that browsers can translate into human-readable content, but simple screen-scrapers can't.

You can manually translate each character in your e-mail address. Or, use the NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder to do it automatically with an entire website at a time.

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