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Glorious Swag

Lest we forget the all-important ThinkGeek swag... Every month we rack our brains at ThinkGeek to come up with clever geek related slogans and designs which we then plaster on whatever apparel strikes our fancy (mostly black T-Shirts). You can be sure to stand out on casual Friday wearing some spiffy ThinkGeek swag.

When was the last time you wore a tie to the office? Well you better brush up on your tie tying skills because the free-love casual workplace days are out, and the bottom-line profitable corporate mentality is back. And you know what that means... button up shirts, ties and khaki pants. Having a killer tie can be the difference between a 3 percent salary increase and a 3.00042 percent salary increase. The ThinkGeek Power Tie combines the classic humor of puns with 100% silk. Woven into this masculine tie are tiny power symbols... get it... Power Tie. Not only does this tie look great, you can keep asking people "How do you like my POWER tie" till they start hitting you.

Figure 10Figure 10 ThinkGeek Power Tie

Our latest T-Shirt concoctions include the all powerful "WYSIWYG" and the classic "I see dumb people". For those not in the know (shame on you) WYSIWYG stands for "What you see is what you get". In the real world of course what you see is usually what you get. However, in the annuls of ancient computer word processing lore, what you saw was a bunch of green text with markup tags to represent formatting, and what you got was a fancy black and white printout on a daisy wheel printer. When WYSIWYG was invented it revolutionized the computer industry as people realized it was much more convenient to see what you were actually getting, rather than guessing at it. Genius. We recognize that genius at ThinkGeek and offer the WYSIWYG T-shirt in both unisex and babydoll as our personal tribute. Grab a WYSISWYG shirt for Bob in Marketing, then walk into his office with the hopefully self explanatory "I see dumb people" t-shirt. Now grin inside...

Figure 11Figure 11 "WYSIWYG" T-Shirt

Figure 12Figure 12 "I See Dumb People" T-Shirt

We'll leave you now and get back to our never ending quest to ensure users of the clueless variety are properly humiliated and that our World Domination plans carry on for the geek to inherit the Earth...

The Staff At ThinkGeek

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