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Maintaining Your Laptop's Value

It is important to remember that loss and theft are not the only ways in which a laptop's data or hardware can lose their value to you and your organization. To preserve the value of your laptop, it is essential to care for it properly.

Be aware of how much harm extreme temperatures can do to your laptop. Do not leave your laptop anywhere that it might be exposed to the sun's rays or to extremes of hot or cold.

Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations about cleaning your laptop. Some laptop monitors have special antiglare coatings that require a different cleaning procedure. If you do use a cleaning spray, be sure that it is one designed for computers (such as Pledge for electronics), and never spray the screen directly. Instead, spray a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the screen with it.

Be especially careful when drinking or eating near your laptop. One spilled drink can put your laptop in (very expensive) laptop hospital.

When cleaning the keyboard, use a can of compressed air with a tiny extension nozzle to free dust and dirt from the keys. Then gently wipe down the surfaces and the keys with a slightly damp cloth. Never allow moisture to seep into any part of the keyboard.

If the keyboard does get wet, disconnect it immediately from the power source and turn it upside down over a towel. Leave it for at least 12 hours before you turn it on again. You might be lucky: Your laptop might still work!

When cleaning the exterior of your laptop, use a slightly damp cloth and do not allow moisture to get into any openings or drives. Never use compressed air on the floppy drive, the CD-ROM drive, or the DVD-ROM drive.

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