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Dynamic Reconfiguration

The Sun Fire server product line has the built-in capability to reconfigure hardware resources dynamically without interrupting domain services. In SMS 1.2, Sun Fire 15K server dynamic reconfiguration (DR) provides the ability to reconfigure CPU/Memory boards (slot 0) and the ability to attach and detach individual PCI adapters. In SMS 1.3, the Sun Fire 15K server DR provides the ability to reconfigure hsPCI and MaxCPU (slot 1).

DR allows resources to be dynamically reconfigured, removed, installed, and reallocated by enabling a physical or logical restructuring of the hardware components of Sun Fire 15K servers. These actions can be accomplished without the need to reboot the Solaris OS.

To successfully use DR on Sun Fire 15K servers, it is strongly recommended that you test all DR operations in a test domain before a domain is put into production. In addition, all DR operations should be documented in a runbook for quick reference. Only tested and well-documented DR procedures should be performed on a production system.

Refer to the Sun BluePrints OnLine articles titled "Sun Fire 15K/12K Server Dynamic Reconfiguration: Part I - The Planning Phase" and "Sun Fire 15K/12K Server Dynamic Reconfiguration: Part II - The Implementation Phase" for guidelines.


Configure duplicate board sets with the same amount of memory and CPUs. Attach a CPU/Memory board prior to detaching another board. Duplicate hsPCI boards for critical resources.

Do not DR detach the CPU/Memory board if memory utilization is high or CPU utilization is more than 95 percent, or if real time threads are running.

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