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  1. There are two post and comment orders available. What are they?

  2. True or False: A Creative Commons license is necessary to run Movable Type.

  3. What do you have to do in order for Movable Type to completely update your configuration preferences?


  1. Ascending and Descending.

  2. False. Creative Commons licenses are extensions to your copyright and not a required component of Movable Type.

  3. You have to rebuild the site by selecting the Rebuild option and having Movable Type rebuild the site.


  1. Visit the online copyright office for your country and look at the various options available to you in order to effectively protect your content as well as to extend that content within the context of Creative Commons.

  2. Get rid of the First Weblog, which preceded your custom blog. You can do this simply by selecting Delete from the First Weblog's entry on the main menu. Be sure not to delete the blog you created in this Hour, only the default First Weblog that was created by Movable Type. You may also want to delete the user, Melody Nelson, when you are sure you've given yourself all the proper permissions to run your weblog!

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