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Defining New Product Engineering

New product engineering differs greatly from IT project-based application development. Table 1 illustrates the key differences between product engineering and IT application development and maintenance (ADM) projects.

Product engineers worry about a host of issues, ranging from whether the product they're designing will reflect market requirements and be maintainable, future-proof, and up to par on quality, to whether it's industrial-strength and will meet market demands.

Product engineering tasks include analyzing system requirements, developing requirements, creating the architecture, designing the software, implementing the code, integrating the components, and testing the software to verify that it satisfies the specified requirements. When changes are required, engineers must revise the affected work products, plans, commitments, processes, and activities to reflect the approved changes.

Table 1 Key Differences Between Product Engineering and IT ADM Projects


Product Engineering Project

IT ADM Project

Target audience

Many companies

One company

Development input

From many environments

From one environment

Platform architecture

Multiple platforms

One internal platform


Wide variety of requirements

Specific system requirements



Internal use only


Robust version design

Internal bug tracking and updates


Wide range of environments

Internal environment

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