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  1. The LoCo Community
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  3. How You Can Learn More About LoCo Teams
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From the author of How You Can Learn More About LoCo Teams

How You Can Learn More About LoCo Teams

In addition to reading Chapter 7 of The Official Ubuntu Book to find out more about LoCo Teams and how to participate in the Ubuntu Community, you can find out more on the LoCo Teams on the Ubuntu LoCo Teams FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) wiki page (see Figure 5). This page answers general questions such as:

Figure 5 LoCo FAQ

  • What is a LoCo team?
  • Why are there LoCos?
  • Why should I run/be involved with a LoCo?

This page also discusses:

  • Joining teams
  • Running teams
  • How do I set up a LoCo team?
  • What resources do I need to run a LoCo team?
  • What is the difference between approved and non-approved LoCo teams?
  • Is there a central page for work/project announcements by team?
  • Resources

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to Ubuntu or just the community, you may find a LoCo Team near you to participate in and contribute to Ubuntu and the community. Remember, The Official Ubuntu Book offers more on using Ubuntu, and Chapter 7 will help you get acquainted with more than just the Ubuntu LoCo Teams.

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