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Summary of Part I

In closing this first article of my three part series, I candidly admit that works like One Second After, and “The Sum of All Fears” are works of fiction. Don’t make the mistake of confusing them with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Loch Ness Monster, though. Fictions can also be future histories, and can be thought-provoking and even terrifying by showing plausible ways of how awful things can happen.

There has been much attention since 9/11 focused on the prospect of terrorism! Personally, I would rather not contribute to the atmosphere of fear and hysteria that often grips our beautiful country these days, or further fan the flames of this paranoia through my articles. Nevertheless, this issue is serious. Whatever the reasons, whatever your personal opinions and politics are, a lot of people in the world have animosity against Americans. With all the attention ranging from chemical attacks, to “dirty bombs” (otherwise known ironically as “poor man’s nukes”), to actual nuclear or biological strikes on our population centers, how can any serious planner ignore EMP? How can any rational policymaker ignore the ease by which we can be flashed back into an 19th century pre-industrial, inconsequential society?

This threat is real, and we should prepare. Some of the steps we should be taking now are covered in articles II and III.

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