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Organizational Roles and Responsibilities for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a relatively complex process involving not only the marketing function, but many other areas of a company. So, there is always going to be some confusion about who should do what to whom. Whatever you do, clarify roles early on during the planning process; it can save much pain later.

Each organization should make its own decisions, but following are some suggested guidelines for roles and responsibilities. There is some overlap, of course. Table 1.2 suggests what job function typically takes the lead on each element of lead-generation tools and processes.

Table 1.2. Lead-Generation Roles and Responsibilities by Function


Role and Responsibilities


Strategic planning, market analysis and targeting, budgeting, setting sales, and marketing objectives

Marketing communications

Advertising and PR for building brand awareness

Direct marketing

Lead generation, lead qualification, nurturing, and tracking

Database marketing

Marketing database management, data analysis, and list selection

Event marketing

Trade show, proprietary event execution, and data capture

Sales force

Lead conversion to sales and reporting on lead status


Lead conversion to sales and reporting on lead status

Web marketing

Website management and landing page management


Install software tools and tech support

Following are a few particular caveats for roles and responsibilities:

  • Do not allow the lead management (qualification, nurturing, and tracking) function to rest with the sales team. Sales may want to make a strong case for controlling this function. But ultimately, lead management belongs in marketing. Sales resources are highly skilled and well paid. They need to be focused on selling.
  • Marketing needs to have a key role in managing the marketing database and the campaign software tools. In most companies, IT has ultimate responsibility for these tools, but they need to recognize the critical role marketing plays in specifying, using, and benefiting from them.
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