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Managing the Photos Tab

The Photos tab has a record of all the photos you've uploaded as status updates. It also allows you to arrange photos that you've uploaded into albums. (Facebook does a certain amount of arranging itself, for instance putting every image that you've used as a profile picture in one album.)

It's great to arrange your photos in albums, but this isn't business-specific functionality, so I won't go into detail about it here. However, if you click the Account tab in the upper right corner of any Facebook Page and choose Help Center, which is shown in Figure 8.3, you can click Photos under Facebook Apps and Features to get information how to use photo albums.

Figure 8.3

Figure 8-3 Facebook gives you help with photo albums—and much more.

When using Facebook, you might have noticed that some pictures are tagged with people's names. This is more important and valuable than you might think. When you tag a photo with the names of your Facebook friends, they're notified of it on Facebook, which is a very welcome and powerful way of keeping them in touch with you.

People tagged in photos on your Facebook Page may well share the photos further, which brings your business to the attention of their Facebook friends in a very positive way. The point isn't to manipulate the process, just to use Facebook's tools in a comfortable and natural way that will end up helping keep your business in the "mind's eye" of customers and their friends.

Follow these steps to tag a photo in Facebook:

  1. In the left-hand rail, click the Photos link.
  2. Click a photo, and the photo opens.
  3. Click the Tag This Photo link in the left-hand rail.
  4. Click the center of a person's face or body. To move the box, click a different spot.

    A box appears with an area beneath it for text entry.

  5. Click in the text entry area.

    A list of recent tags appears, as shown in Figure 8.4.

    Figure 8.4

    Figure 8.4 Click a person's face or body to tag them and then choose or enter a tag.

  6. Choose a tag from the list or enter the name of a Facebook friend, and they'll appear in the drop-down list for you to choose; or enter a name or other tag that doesn't refer to a Facebook friend.

    The tag appears in a list beneath the photo (as shown in Figure 8.4). To remove a tag, click the Remove Tag link.

  7. Take other steps with the photo, such as adding a caption, adding a comment, sharing the photo, and so on.

    Take your time and do all of these that make sense so the photo has the impact it should.

  8. Click the X at upper right to finish with the photo.
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