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Office2 HD

Office2 HD (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id364361728?mt=8#) (that's Office squared, by the way) is a more basic and simple office suite than the preceding options. It does offer word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools, but they are scaled back in some ways.

Word processing documents support a good range of formatting options, documents don't support document styles, and standard formatting keyboard shortcuts for things such as bold or italic text aren't supported.

Some of the editing options for presentation slides are also limited, meaning that presentations can be created and edited, but that the content may be more basic than with other tools, particularly when it comes to slide transitions.

On the flip side, however, the overall clean interface is nice, uncluttered, and will be familiar to most users. The always-displayed formatting bar is easy to work with and allows you to build the basics of any document fairly easily.

The spreadsheet app defaults to a text keyboard rather than a numeric one, which can be a good or bad thing—depending on your perspective (although I think most would consider it a negative).

In the current (as of this writing) 4.0 release, the newly added presentation features seem a bit buggy and crash-prone, but this is likely to improve over time.

  • Price: $7.99
  • Local file storage/transfer: iTunes, web browser, Wi-Fi file sharing for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Cloud services supported: Google Docs, Mobile Me iDisk, Dropbox, myDisk.se, Box.net, other WebDAV-based services
  • Document types supported: Microsoft Office 97[nd]2003, Microsoft Office 2007+ (view only)
  • Pros: Low cost, easy to use, range of storage/transfer options
  • Cons: Limited file format support, crashes in current presentation tool, only basic formatting options
  • Overall: Office2 covers all the basics. If you really just need to be able to edit and view Word or Excel documents with limited formatting, it's a good low-cost tool. If you need something that offers more advanced capabilities and/or support for iWork or Office 2007 and later file formats, it probably isn't the best option.
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