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The Power Behind Speaking and Persuasive Presentations

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The art of persuasion when giving presentations and speaking is extremely important when marketing your brand. Kyle Lacy explains why your personal identity and sales pitch rely on your ability to deliver a strong presentation with a strong message.
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What does it mean to be persuasive? Better yet, what does it mean to be a persuasive presenter? Persuasive presenting or speaking means that you (the personal brand) are seeking to convince the listeners to embrace the point of view presented by appealing to the audience’s reason.

Why is it important to build the art of persuasion behind speaking and your presentations? The art of persuasion is fundamental to any type of personal brand-building process. It is all about achieving a specific outcome and that outcome is building a powerful personal brand!

However, it is important to understand that you cannot shove your brand down the throats of the audience. You have to change their attitudes and beliefs to reinforce the idea of your personal brand.

You will find that building a personal brand is very similar to building a persuasive presentation. There are steps to take in order to build a powerful personal brand and have an effective presentation.

1. Plan Toward a Specific Goal

It is important to be extremely clear about your personal brand message and your objective when speaking in front of an audience. When your goal is to motivate people to take a certain action, focus on what you want them to do.

Do you want them to buy? Do you want them to tell others about you? Do you want them to become advocates for your personal brand?

Write down your goal as concisely as you can in one sentence. This is your specific goal you want to relay to the audience.

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