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From the author of 4. What Does the Story Say About Me?

4. What Does the Story Say About Me?

Does it reflect you in a good light? Does it tell you audience who you are? Does the story flow? Is there a clear understanding? You want to make your story understandable and relatable. You want to be liked. but you want to leave them with something to chew on.

By answering these four basic questions, you will be able to enable your audience to make a real connection with your story and ultimately you (your brand). You can start to build a powerful personal brand story with confidence and experience if you build off of the four principles listed above.

Confidence and experience show that the people who tell their story are secure and know exactly what they are saying and ultimately selling.

If you understand and focus on the powerful stories within your personal brand, you will understand the true value of personal brand development.

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