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From the author of Fix 'No Video' Problems

Fix 'No Video' Problems

If your computer seems to boot normally, but the screen never displays Windows and is just completely black, your monitor may actually be fine. The problem may be your video card or its driver. Many times this sort of trouble can be fixed just by reinstalling the driver for the video card.

To get into Windows, bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu and select Safe Mode. Open the Device Manager and then open the properties dialog for the Display Adapter. On the Driver tab, click Update Driver and manually select your current driver in the list. If this technique doesn't work, try to download new drivers from a working computer.

Diagnose Beep Codes

If your computer sounds more than one short beep after you turn it on, this power-on self-test (POST) beep code may be trying to tell you what the issue is. You can look up these codes to see possible causes for the specific beep code you're hearing.

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