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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In-Only Example and Implementation Options

The In-Only example from the newspaper is the news source sending a news tip to the newspaper (Figure 11-7). Here the news source invokes a receiveTip() operation provided by the newspaper's service interface.

Figure 11-7

Figure 11-7 Send Tip Process

If you were to implement both the news source and the newspaper as ActiveMatrix components and indicate the news source's reference of the newspaper's service, the result would be a design similar to that shown in Figure 11-8.

Figure 11-8

Figure 11-8 ActiveMatrix Design for Send Tip Process

For this design you have four transportation options in ActiveMatrix:

  • SOAP over HTTP
  • SOAP over JMS
  • SOAP over ActiveMatrix Virtualization
  • XML over JMS

The first of these options uses HTTP as a transport. The implication is that both parties need to be active simultaneously in order for an interaction to occur. The SOAP over JMS and XML over JMS options, because they use a JMS server as a communications intermediary, make it possible for the news source to send the tip when the newspaper is not actively receiving communications. The JMS server will forward the message when the newspaper becomes active.

Despite the fact that ActiveMatrix Virtualization also uses JMS as its underlying communications mechanism, it will not be able to forward a message if the newspaper is not active at the time it is sent. For an explanation, see the "ActiveMatrix Virtualization Transport Limitations" sidebar.

There are five implementation types that would be appropriate for the News Source: TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, Java, C++, Spring, and WebApp. There are four that would be appropriate for the Newspaper: BusinessWorks, Java, C++, and Spring. Note that WebApp would not be appropriate since its input is just the raw HTTP protocol.

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