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In addition to the four base certifications, there are two additional certifications that combines the IT Pro and developer content and takes the level of knowledge up a few bars.

Microsoft Certified Master

The Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) is a world-class certification that produces only a handful of professionals each year. While there may be tens of thousands (or more) certified SharePoint 2010 TS or PRO professionals, there are only several dozen Microsoft Certified Masters in the world. An MCM has to attend a three-week training in Redmond and pass an extensive set of three written exams and an eight-hour qualification lab exam. Before the candidate is even accepted into the program, they have to pass an extensive interview process and pass the four core exams. The Master certification will be covered more extensively in a future article.

Microsoft Certified Architect

The highest point of SharePoint 2010 certification one can attain is the Microsoft Certified Architect, SharePoint 2010. This certification requires that an individual already be a Microsoft Certified Master. The next step is for the individual to pass a series of boards—essentially interviews by a set of board members— in order to obtain the certification. There will likely be a pre-board exam and submission of the candidate’s portfolio of some real-world examples of his or her work. The MCA Board Presentation will provide the board with a technology-specific delivery that was designed by the candidate.

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