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Configuring the Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint Integration

After getting Reporting Services set up for SharePoint Integration and installing the Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint, the next step is to configure the Reporting Services SharePoint Integration in SharePoint Central Administration. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Launch SharePoint Central Administration from the Start menu. (It should be pinned to the Start menu; if not, select it from the All Programs, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 program group.) The SharePoint Central Administration home page is displayed, as shown in Figure 3.4.
    Figure 3.4

    Figure 3.4 SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. Click General Application Settings to display that page, as shown in Figure 3.5.
    Figure 3.5

    Figure 3.5 SharePoint Central Administration General Application Settings.

  3. Click Reporting Services Integration and fill in the form, as shown in Figure 3.6
    Figure 3.6

    Figure 3.6 Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint Central Administration.

The following are the main points about the entries on the form:

  • You can find the Report Server Web Service URL by opening the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and navigating to the Web Service URL page, as shown in Figure 3.7.
    Figure 3.7

    Figure 3.7 Reporting Services Configuration Web Service URL page.

  • Choose Windows Authentication for Authentication Mode if Kerberos is configured; otherwise, choose Trusted Account.
  • Enter a domain account for the credentials; this account must be in the Administrators group on the server where Reporting Services is installed.
  • Specify to activate the Reporting Services feature for all existing site collections or specific ones as appropriate. As a general rule, it is a good idea to choose all existing site collections.

After you enter the required information and click OK, the Reporting Services Integration Summary is displayed, as shown in Figure 3.8.

Figure 3.8

Figure 3.8 Reporting Services Integration Summary.

At this point, the configuration of Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated mode is complete.

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