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This chapter is from the book

Chapter Review Questions

The following review questions cover some of the key facts and concepts that were introduced in this chapter. Answers to these questions can be found in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."

  1. What authentication protocols are supported by Cisco Secure ACS for Windows?

  2. Cisco Secure ACS for Windows can communicate with other ACS servers as masters, clients, or peers to enable what three strong distributed system features?

  3. Which Windows NT service module has the primary responsibility for determining whether access should be granted and for defining the privileges associated with each user?

  4. List the six steps required to install Cisco Secure ACS for Windows?

  5. What protocol must you use to perform the configuration of Cisco Secure ACS for Windows?

  6. When you want to configure reusable sets of authorization components to apply to one or more users or groups of users, which option from the Cisco Secure ACS for Windows main menu would you choose?

  7. What system administration capabilities does the Cisco Secure ACS for UNIX enable for UNIX 2.3 DSM?

  8. What operating system supports Cisco Secure ACS for Unix 2.3?

  9. What are the first steps that are required to configure a Cisco IOS router to use TACACS+ with a Cisco Secure ACS for Windows server?

  10. You will be configuring your Cisco IOS router for access to three different Cisco Secure ACS for Windows servers using TACACS+. What must you keep in mind as you prepare to configure the router for AAA service?

  11. Which Cisco IOS command can you use to get a more meaningful output from debug commands?

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