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Myth 5: Customers do not want to be sold to when they telephone for service.

This is a common misconception resulting in missed opportunities in all industries to provide great customer value during touchpoint interactions.

As with all these items, there is both opportunity and risk involved. The risk with this one is twofold: First, never try to sell a customer something until you have handled—to their satisfaction—whatever the issue was for which they originally called. Second, never make a generalized, mass-market, blanket offer. The opportunity here is reciprocal: After the customer's issue has been addressed, it is almost always appropriate to make them an offer as long as it is tailored and targeted to their personal interests and values. "Mr. Thompson, I'm glad we could resolve that for you. Before we end our discussion, I see that you are an avid golfer (perhaps Thompson used his credit card to charge a set of clubs or a golf cart rental). As you may know, our travel service department has a special offer for two nights at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach, with free golf, for only $99.00 next weekend. Would you be interested?"

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