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Exercise: You Are the Customer

What about when you are the customer?

Do you always search out the lowest price? And do you always then purchase from that low-cost provider? Always?

If not, when have you bought something and known a similar item was available elsewhere and cheaper? Why? What was it that you valued greater than price?

Have you ever been contacted by phone, at home, and actually appreciated the call? Why? What was it that you valued greater than being undisturbed?

Have you ever received an offer or proposal, although you originally initiated the contact on a different subject, and appreciated it? Why? What makes it okay in your mind, even great, to be offered something (such as a product or service)?

When you contact a business, do you expect the first person that answers the phone to be able to answer questions or handle issues on any topic? Why or why not?

If you need advice on a complex matter such as investment products, do you expect to be transferred to reach an expert on that subject? If you were not transferred to someone who specialized in such a topic, would you be comfortable with and trust the answers you get?

Do you think the above is true only for financial issues, advice, and counsel? Or is it also true for other businesses—such as yours? For example, how secure are you that a salesperson can also give you accurate technical advice about the electronics under the hood of your new ZOT 12? Would you be happy if a single transfer could get you from the salesperson to the right technically knowledgeable person?

What if a business made a major mistake with your account? Would it be important to you that they apologized? What if they did not? What if they would not even admit to the error?

Can a vendor best envision new products or services to meet your unexpressed future needs, or would you need to apply your knowledge of why you need things and how you could get the greatest benefit or value? For example, can you envision teaming with a vendor and discussing why you want what you want and then together envisioning new ways they could better provide that benefit?

Could a firm that offers this steal away your business?

  • What about your customers?

  • Would they answer the above very differently?

  • Are you treating them differently?

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