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Menstrual Discomfort

  • Aromatherapy: basil; clary sage massage or warm compress; massage abdomen and lower back with jasmine, marjoram

  • Herbs: tea of agnus castus with rosemary for premenstrual water retention; black haw for cramps—4 tsp. in glass of warm water, repeat after 4 hours if necessary; Chinese tonic of dong quai

  • Homeopathy: viburnum, magnesium phosphate, sepia—1 tablet every 2–4 hours—maximum 12 doses

  • Hydrotherapy: warm compresses

  • Reflexology: massage uterine reflexes below inside ankle bones and ovarian reflexes beneath outside ankle bones

  • Supplements: calcium and manganese, fish oil, parsley, celery, and dandelion leaves are all mild diuretics

  • Yoga stretches and more relaxation and breathing exercises

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