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Back Pain

  • Acupuncture

  • Alexander Technique: teaches a more balanced used of body since muscular imbalance often contributes to back pain

  • Applied kinesiology

  • Biofeedback

  • Chiropractic manipulation

  • Herbs: valerian, nutmeg, gotu kola; to ease local discomfort soak a compress in 1/2 cup hot water containing 1 tbsp. camp bark and 1 tsp. cinnamon tinctures

  • Homeopathy: 4 tablets of arnica as soon as possible after an injury and repeat every hour for the first day while awake, second day—4 tablets every 2 hours; third day—4 tablets four times

  • Hydrotherapy: for acute back pain, use an ice pack on affected area for 20 minutes every 1–2 hours

  • Magnets: place small magnets over area of muscle spasm in back

  • Massage with warm oil

  • Reflexology: work the spinal reflexes, especially the tender points, on the medial longitudinal arches of the feet (the bony ridges on the inside)

  • Sleep on back with pillows under knees or on side with pillow between bent knees

  • Yoga: lie down with legs bent, feet flat on floor, exhale fully and slowly for at least 12 breaths; long-term yoga practice can strengthen back muscles

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