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jdb, the Java debugger represents a powerful tool that you can use to isolate bugs in your Java programs. Of course, most programmers would prefer an integrated development environment, such as Eclipse or IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, but they often don't have such sophisticated tools when we need them (for example, when an application has already made its way into production). Accordingly, you can either throw in the towel or scour your Java toolbox and use what is in the arsenal.

Because the Java debugger ships with the Software Development Kit (SDK), it represents a tool that can be considered innate. This article explored how to use the debugger in case you ever have to roll up your sleeves and troubleshoot your Java application.

We have only scratched the surface of what jdb can offer. For example, you can use jdb to suspend and resume individual threads in your applications (you can learn more about the Java debugger by visiting the sites listed in the resources section).

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