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Section 9.0: IP Services and Protocol-Independent Features (10 points)

9.1: NAT (4 points)

  1. Create a loopback on R3 with Configure NAT translation on R3 for this network to be translated to interface IP address with overload. You should be able to ping anywhere in the network from R3 sourcing from this loopback and get NATed to the corresponding egress interface.

9.2: NTP (2 points)

  1. Configure R1 clock polling from NTP server R2. All NTP packets should be encrypted. Update the system.

9.3: SNMP (2 points)

  1. Configure R3 to report the BGP configuration to Network Management System (NATed Configure the appropriate static/ACL on the PIX to achieve this task.

9.4: Policy Routing (2 points)

  1. There is a mail server and a web server on VLAN20. Configure such that networks behind and from R1

  2. Traverse via R2 to reach the mail server
    Traverse via R3 to reach the web server
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