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Installing ISA Server on a Windows Server 2003 machine is painless; however, the setup wizard will ask you to make some key decisions. Follow these steps:

  1. After entering the CD key and agreeing to the terms, choose the Full Installation option. You'll get a message similar to the one shown in Figure 1. (After installing ISA Server on a Windows Server 2003 machine, you must install ISA Server Service Pack 1 for ISA Server to run correctly.)

  2. Figure 1Figure 1 A reminder to install Service Pack 1.

  3. You can install ISA Server as a stand-alone server or as part of an ISA Server array (see Figure 2). To be part of an array, your machine must be a member of a Windows 2000 domain with Active Directory support. Installing ISA Server as an array gives web servers on your network high-performance caching. In this example, we're installing as a stand-alone server, which happens to be the most common method of installation. Click Yes to install ISA Server as a stand-alone server.

  4. Figure 2Figure 2 Stand-alone or enterprise?

  5. Next, you need to specify in which mode you want to install ISA Server (see Figure 3). If you want the full functionality of ISA Server, both in terms of firewall and caching services, select Integrated mode, which combines both of the other modes.

  6. Figure 3Figure 3 Selecting the mode.

  7. On the next screen, specify the drive where the web cache file will reside and the allowable size for the cache file, and click the Set button.

  8. Next, enter the IP address ranges that will define the scope of protection for your network. For example, if your network is using an address range from to, enter the first address in the From field and the second in the To field. The range to would cover up to 256 machines on the network. For this example, I just assigned the server's IP address for testing purposes. After clicking OK, you may get the message shown in Figure 4.

  9. Figure 4Figure 4 SMTP Message Screener message.

    Because Windows 2003 doesn't install IIS by default, this message is indicating that no SMTP service resides on the server, and that SMTP service must be installed to have ISA Server screen email messages,. You can set up the screener at a later time using the ISA Server Management tools.

  10. After finishing the setup wizard, install Service Pack 1 (download it here).

  11. After installing Service Pack 1, restart the computer. Then download and install the required updates for running ISA Server on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

After the required updates have been installed, ISA Server will run correctly on your Windows Server 2003 machine. Now you're ready to configure ISA Server.

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